domenica 4 settembre 2011

Gibellina song

Il nuovo singolo di Humpty Dumpty e La Guerra delle Formiche

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What a pity
For this ditty
When it misses you

I'm a wally
But at least I've you

All the falling leaves
Go backwards to
The day when I met you

I don't want you to taunt
Me because I'm a débutante
To your love

We are pretty
In this city
In the next one too

Needs some streamers
I'll launch them with you

Sitting on the hill
We'll watch the pool
Thousand years from school

In our sleeping bag
You will erase my mind
Has Ghost of Christmas past
reasons to be unkind?

There's no limit
if you see it
if you're in the mood

Want to travel
In a bubble
Leaving troubles down

I'll bring my guitar
And my sitar too
I'll play them for you

I don't want you to go
Want to feel stupid
All the time
For your love

Sweet companion
We head to Cro-Magnon
To play with our bones

It's a whole lifetime
Condensed in just one mild mind
The more you become you
The more I leave them all behind

What a pity

Humpty Dumpty: music, lyrics

La Guerra delle Formiche: vocals (Sumire), guitars, bass, sequencer (Carlo Sanetti)